Saturday, 4 March 2017

Mumma Knows Best: Summer Vibes

Hey Guys!

Spoiler alert: This is definitely my favourite look from this series!

Mumma Bow nailed it on the one day a little sunshine came out. I can tell she's a much bigger fan of my Summer wardrobe than my Winter pieces. I'm feeling major Italian D&G vibes from this look, especially with the jazzy skirt and head bow. As soon as I walked into the office people were very vocal about how much they loved the skirt! It's from M&S would you believe it? I'm not usually an avid M&S shopper but, y'know, I'll go wherever the trends take me! I'd love to tell you where you can pick up everything in the look. But truth be told, you'd be disgusted at how cheap I am when it comes to buying clothes. So we'll just enjoy the styling today. M-kay? Kl kl...

Check out my nails! They were all dolled up for a shoot at work, so we've got clouds on one hand (which go well with this look) and cute love hearts on the other hand. Totes adorbs! Of course I've got more Kylie Jenner shadows over my eye lids and a Maybelline Electric Orange lipstick. I've not worn it in aaaages, but it's pretty lovely, right?

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