Monday, 27 March 2017

Mumma Knows Best: Dress Down Friday

Hey Guys!

The rumours are true. This is the last in my current series of 'Mumma Know Best' #cryanddie! Notice how I've said current... It would appear Mumma Bow is pretty keen to do this again with my summer wardrobe because she found my winter clothes, 'far too limiting!' Alright you little fashionista, chill down over there!

Little did I know that Mumma had been planning this look since day 1. I'm gonna come out and say it, despite my happy little face in the pictures below, I strongly dislike this outfit (hate is a song work, y'know...). If I'm honest, I might wear this when I'm slobbing out and NO ONE would see me. Instead, Mumma thought this time the whole word should see it! Let me just flick to 'sabotage' in the dictionary... Coloured leggings make me think of that awkward stage in secondary school when your skinny jeans are in the wash, so you choose leggings, but you're trying to be an individual so pick up the funky colours ones. Cringe! The only highlight for me is the pretty pink, sparkly headscarf. It's from India and I never wear it, so at least Mumma managed 1 part cute... to 4 parts grim.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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