Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Aye, Aye Sailor!

Hey Guys!

This springtime sunshine has got me like, 'yaaaaasss, let's go take some blog photos!'

Here's a little taster of what I wear to work. I started my first, like, actual real life, adult job about 9 months ago. It's your regular 9 to 5 in an office in London so it's a little different from bundling around theatre group in a princess tiara! This outfit is one of my plainer looks, I have to admit. But I'm feeling like a chic Parisian sailor and I like it! Before you ask, no it's not a fake tan accident. It's a 'balls, I can't find any tights and I've got to go in 5. Ah, these will do' kinda accident! My trainers are from Bershka and were a snippet of the price compared to Adidas Originals. #gottaloveadiscount

Now that I'm growing my fringe out, these centre partings are SO much easier to do with a little hairspray and a few handy grips. Of course I'm wearing Kylie Cosmetics on my lips in Mary Jo K. If you've seen my Instagram you'll know I HEART a Kylie Lip Kit (or two)!

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