Monday, 27 February 2017

Mumma Knows Best: The Beginning

Hey Guys!

Say whaaa? Row Bow's back at this blogging business? Gurl, r u 4 realz? Yes. Yes, I am...

Ok so it's been a while and I won't bore you with where I've been instead I'm gonna jump straight into a new series here on What Row Chose... I was reading this post on Marie Claire and thought d'ya know what? I'm gonna give that a go! I'm gonna let my Mum dress me for a whole week. Nine months ago, that would have meant perhaps nipping to the shops one day and dropping into uni for an hour another day but basically no one would see me apart from my housemates. Say hello to 2017 Row Bow though, because this girl's got an actual job. So this experiment is a pretty brave choice considering a butt-load of actual people would see me at the platform, on the train and mingling around the office. I thought Hannah's mum (from the original post) had some pretty snazzy looks in store for her daughter and reckoned my Mumma Bow could be just as creative.

So here I present day 1...

I know right, this is something I could actually have chosen myself. Apart from the fact Mumma chose a night out skirt for a bright February day, I think it's a pretty cute look. When I read her the weather for the day being 13 degrees she went straight for the thin cotton, off the shoulder summer dress... I really wanted to do this experiment justice but I also didn't want to freeze to death! This pretty pink combination is much better and marginally warmer. Even the details of my make were chosen by Mumma Bow, with pinks from Kylie Jenner's holiday pallett on my lids and Kylie Jenner's Maliboo liquid lip kit on my lips. Kylie fan? Me? Never!

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