Saturday, 28 November 2015

I'm Feeling this Jumpsuit

Hey Guys!

I'm well and truly into my third year of University now, and man, it is tough! Even though I'm only in for like 1 and a half hours some weeks, and 3 and a half for others, there is sooo much work to do! At the moment I'm on the hunt from Graphic Designers. Luckily an old school chum has kindly offered to help me, #saviour!! (Lot of wine and chocolate coming her way!) But there are so many other things to be looking for, then I have to work on my dissertation and I also intern one day a week... Getting my life together is proving to be very time consuming. Why did nobody warm me about this? HeHe!

Anyway, this look is... You guessed it, say it with me now, 'from when I worked at the primary school over summer'. It's still cute though, even if not appropriate for the 19 inches of snow predicted for this weekend!

You know when someone buys you a present and you think, 'Oh, I should wear that next time I see them.' So you do and they don't notice at all that you're rocking their awesome gift! This beautifully beaded bangle was a gift from a teacher at the school. She gave to me as a thank you for my help last year, and I thought this was the perfect look to prove to her I do really wear it!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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