Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pretty in my Pinafore

Hey Guys!

Yes, I am still here! Phew, have I been busy though! I always set out a the beginning of summer to get loads achieved and really make the most of all the time I have of (a grand total of 5 whopping whole months!). This year I have finally done just that and am only now really starting to chill and wind down. But I am loving every second work volunteering, interning, assisting and of course blogging.

Imma go ahead a roll out another look from when I was working at a local primary school earlier this year. It's crazy that I was with them for the last 5 weeks of term and already they'll be starting back at school this week. Those cute little year 6's will be shy (or bolshie) little year 7's in a matter of days. Awww, haha! Here is a simple black and white look that I have jazzed up by adding a gorgeous green cardigan to and worn pretty pink jelly shoes with. I love my jelly shoes, but appaz X Factor babe Cheryl is not such a fan. I might have to re-think the babe calling here...

I love this embedding tweets this. It make it so much quicker for everyone involved to find my twitter and jam out to new tunes I've been loving! This time it's the return of Justin Bieber. Ohhhhh buddy, his new sound is good! What Do You Mean takes on a similar sound to Where Are U Now, I think, but with added toots from a panpipe (yes, I did just have to Google what that was...)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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