Sunday, 16 August 2015

Chill Babez

Hey Guys!

Woah! Did the glamorous Row Bow really wear slouchy trousers to school?

Uh, yep. That kinda happened! But I think they look pretty darn cool, actually. I was off doing my own thing in the morning, but went into the school I was helping at for the afternoon. I bought these trouser from Primark at the beginning of summer, thinking they looked effortlessly cool. I showed my housemates my new buy and then one of them went out and bought the EXACT same pair as me. If that doesn't paint me as a fashion guru extraordinaire, I don't know what does. Hehe!

I spent my afternoon 'painting the roses red, yes, painting the roses red, not pink, not green, not aquamarine, I was painting the roses red!' I do love that song! This was for the class production of Alice in Wonderland. This outfit might look chilled enough for painting, but I did not want to get my fresh threads dirty with poster paint! Some messy jobs, I'm happy to let the kids take the wrap for...

Imma put it out there, my hair is looking 'on fleek' here!

Do you like my eyeliner? Why had nobody enlightened my life with gel eyeliner before?! This is the gel eyeliner pot from NYX. Cute, huh?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Looking really funky. I hate following the rules, autumn in summer. Summer in winter. Whatever!

    Erica x

    1. Thanks for commenting, Erica!

      Row Bow


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