Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Hey Guys!

So since I'm 21 and all, where is the ideal place for Row Bow to party...? Vegas, of course!

I made my way to the grand selection of amazing hotels and resorts on and decided that I would create a few imaginary #ootds as if I had actually been there. Genius, right?! I chose the Monte Carlo hotel because it had so many cool places to venture to and explore during the day and the rooms look fantastic! Some of them are cray cray big!

So here is my 'Day in Vegas'. 4 transitional looks to get me through the day whilst always looking fabulous...
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Pool Side
Obviously I'd start my day relaxing, maxin' all cool out by the pool. I'd wear my bikini top under a lacey/ crochet top and sling on a kimono over that to protect me from the sun. A little pair of shorts would be ideal too, so I could take a quick dip whenever I fancied.

Ice Bar
Then in a strange turn of events I would have a (very) cool drink in the Ice Bar. It's such a unique idea to have an ice bar in the actual hotel (I think I spotted a MilkShake place too!)! I've kept my lacey top on and layered up warm in a fluffy greyscale jumper, and pastel pink fur collar.
Mmmmm toasty...

The Pub
After a little downtime, I think The Pub would be the perfect place to have a delish dinner. I feel I may have overdressed for The Pub, but back home this is a typical kinda of look I would wear to the actual pub. I've kept my lacey top on again as I'm using that as my transitional piece throughout the day. Look there's even a big red piano for Row Bow to get her musical jam on!

Poker Room
Not that I have a clue in any way shape or form about how one actually plays Poker (apart from that one time my housemates and I attempted to play on cute watermelon cards...), but the last part of my night is spent in the Poker Room. This is part of the grander Casino that forms part of the hotel. I was getting some major Great Gatsby vibes when I saw the amazing imagery so I've tried to sprinkle a little bit of that through this look. This defo has to be my #UltimateVegasOutfit!

And finally, I would head back to my room after a busy and fun filled day to rest a recuperate for another exciting day, on the tomorrow of my imaginary holiday!

I hope you enjoyed my #UltimateVegasOutfit (-s, I feel I cheated slightly there...Oops!), get involved on Twitter.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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