Thursday, 9 July 2015

MDX Student Ambassador Awards 2015

Hey Guys!

In a greater attempt to throw myself into uni life a little more (and obtain invites to more snazzy awards!) in my second year, I got a campus job. You are looking at one of Middlesex University's finest Student Ambassadors- I've totally just given myself that title! I work at lots of events at Uni that encourage and welcome potential and new students to Middlesex. I'm also a dab hand at calling hundreds of students up to check they're still coming-just look at all those life skills I'm learning! As thanks for all our super work through out the year, Student Ambassadors were treated to a yummy dinner and awards ceremony at the end of the year.

This dress is from The site does literally what it says on the tin and stocks a huuuge range of pieces all for only £5. I am all up for a bargain, but you just have to be careful with the sizing for this place. Everything is end of line pieces from other labels, and when the site said they only had a 12 of this dress I thought, 'Yeah sure, that's only 1 size bigger'. Butt he label behind this particular dress only do S M L, and a 12 is an L so it's not the best fit. However, I did pick up a very lovely Primark coat that is all white with large blue flowers on. That is a Bobby Dazzler! I wore my pale dress with a statement necklace, pearly headband and a cropped denim jacket.

And now for some photos which I have totally stolen from everybody else's Facebook pages. It's O.K we're all friends here...

Striking a classic Row Bow pose!

Surrounded with our balloons, because it was totally someone's birthday *cough cough* (I don't even think that got use a free bottle out of that!)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Congrats on your job!! The dress is too cute. I have an obsession with denim jackets ad floral dresses! xxxx

    1. Thanks! In summer my denim jacket goes with everything!

      Row Bow


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