Monday, 6 July 2015

MDX Fashion Show

Hey Guys!

I feel like it's a well know fact that 1) I study at Middlesex University and b) I am a fashion student. When I say fashion student I'd say 96.4% (roughly, hehe!) think I mean design, however there are many other areas to fashion that don't include design. Not even the textile designing element. Pr, Journalism, Photography and Styling are just a few to name. I am studying the communication of fashion through imagery, and also the written word when my lecturers decide to set us essays once in a blue moon...

The middle of May saw the third year design students down sewing needles, step away from sewing machines and let their collections strut free down catwalks. The 2015 Graduate Collections' debut was at an internal show at uni. Naturally, all other fashion students were invited and instead of showing you their designs (you can see them on Dazed&, Wonderland.Com and -I'm guessing they're all .com?) I'm going to show you my look instead!

The kimono is a sale purchase from Primark, only £3-Woohoo! I've really taken to mixing prints. Stripes and Lip Print, who'd have thought?! I thought my make-up was super duper orange, but in the photos it's come out looking very pretty and soft. I think it's down to my slightly iridescent lip gloss, lovely and rosy. 

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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