Sunday, 12 July 2015

I'm Wicked Through and Through

Hey Guys!

Tell them how IIIIIIIII am defffffffying graaaaavity!

Man, oh, man I love that song! Musicals are probably one of the only outings I will never say no to. My Uni are awfully lovely since they let us poor students get beautifully less than half price West End tickets! The most recent deal I made the most of was taking a trip with my housemate to see Wicked, for the second time. I'd first seen Wicked was back in Year 8, almost 10 years ago, Gee-Whizz! Weird thing is that I saw an understudy for Elphaba on that night and now fast forward to 2015 and I saw an understudy for Glinda. How funny! Sophie Linder-Lee was our Glinda and she was totes amaze! The programme showed the actual Glinda doing her thing, but I just couldn't picture anybody but Sophie flying down in the sparkly bubble. 

Sadly I did get mistaken for an Usher working the theatre, dressed in my smart back look. But we can put that down to how pretty profesh I look all the time, hehe! The shirt was from Choies in an order I did last summer. But I have seen it on multiple other websites. As a lanky armed gal, I'd just like to point out for my fellows that the sleeves are a little short. To overcome this, I roll them up with EVERY look. I like the eye catching lip print all over the top in a bright red hue. I wore a very red lipstick to match my shirt's little kisses.

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Have you seen any West End shows?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Great post, just want to let you know that I tagged you in my latest post, come check it out!!

    1. Thanks! I will defo check out your post.

      Row Bow


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