Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Guess Who's Back?

Hey Guys!

Back again...gain...gain...

It was the end of June. Row Bow had finished uni for the year and moved back home for the summer. What does this mean? Well, if we take a look at a similar time last year, and the year before (click on those hot links!) we can see that Miss Row Bow is due for her latest shift at a local Primary School! I've been volunteering at the end of every school year since I was 15. Phew, that's a looong time ago! I have a hoot, they get a free helper- it's a win/win situation really! I started a week earlier than usual this year and went straight in with play rehearsals. The Year 5/6 kids were to put on a performance of Alice in Wonderland in only 3 weeks time, so it was time to do what Row Bow does best and take total control. Which was tricky because there was a trainee teacher working with the kids too and the play was kinda her baby, so Row just sat in the corner quietly taking note... But I did look cute doing it, as always. Every cloud, hehe!

The top was new purchase form the sale in the teen section of New Look. A couple of pounds for a t-shirt to add to my very limited collection was nothing to be sniffed at. The clay tone of the orange stripes works well with my tan coloured belts and golden accessories. If you look closely the smaller stripes are actually navy, but against the black skirt, who's really taking note? This is one of my most chillaxed looks for working at the school, especially considering it was the first day. Usually, I like to go in hard with a 'Hey, Look at me! Row Bow is back!' kind of thing. Perhaps I'm growing up! Lol, jk, of course I'm not! I'm just getting lazier!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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