Friday, 3 July 2015

A Lecture and a Late Night Dash

Hey Guys!

Here is a quick #FBF (Flash Back Friday) to a look that I wore to one of my fairly infrequent lectures. They are meant to be once a week with a seminar following swiftly after, but it seems we were out researching for our essays so much at the end of term, not many lectures actually took place. My final deadline for the year was May 1st, so I've been on my summer hols since then. I've been interning, working at schools and catching up with friends to keep myself occupied while all my buds play catch-up to reaching a glorious end of term.

I am totally diggin' off-the-shoulder tops right now! I would wear them all the time if I could, but sometimes the restrictive arm movements do become a little annoying. This vivid green crop top is from Primark for the total sum of £1.50. I know it's a lot but I really feel it's an investment piece...haha! The trousers are also Primark and the pink tones compliment the minty green top in a rather lovely way. I obviously woke up early this particular morning, because I had time to curl sections of my hair to wear out of my Heidi braids. This was my first time using straighteners to curl my locks and let me tell you it is a lot harder than it looks, people! Pretty chuffed with my make-up in the photos too, I was on a roll!

On this particular evening it was decided that after everyone was all tucked up watching films, there was an urgent need to head straight to Topshop at Westfield. We don't even live anywhere near Westfield, I'll point out, and we left at twenty past 9 and it closed at 10pm. We were in dire need of some reduced shoes and there was only one pair left at this Holy Grail of all Topshops. Got there with 5 minutes to spare! We legged it so fast out the car, up the escalators, around to Topshop, up more stairs and finally we found them. Phew, tense times! Turns out we left the house with such supersonic speed, we were well on our way before we realised that we'd left one housemate at home on her own. That's the price you have to pay for shoes these days, I guess!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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