Friday, 12 June 2015

Sunny Southampton Smiles

Hey Guys!

After being persuaded to stay out until 2am living it up in the wild clubs of Southampton, it was fair to assume somebody wasn't in the best shape the next morning... Deciding that we'd meet and go to the conference's Breakfast at 9am, I actually didn't wake up until ten past. Oops, ma bad! It would appear that lots of other members of the group felt like that too because it was still pretty empty when we tipped up, eventually. All the more food for me!

Reflecting upon the weekend now, I actually learnt a lot more than I was expecting. I've realised that currently my mag has a long way to go to grow and become as established as some of the historic publications that we were mingling with. My uni magazine is a 4-year old Foundation Stage child who's just started school and discovered how to build a sandcastle in the sand pit. But we still need to go into the playground and make friends to contribute to a bigger, better sandcastle. Whereas student publications such as Red Brick (University of Birmingham) have been making sandcastles it's whole life and now as a big grown-up sandcastle sculptor, they're making good decisions with the support of all the friendly sandcastle experts they've met through various sandcastle forums online. Good analogy? Do you get it? Basically I'm now stalking all student publications I know of to collate the best parts and make Pow! Mag a Super-Mag!

This was my look for the second full day of more sessions with industry professionals. My team, new friends and I got a little restless and ended up lusting over free microwaves and winning apples in #AGMISpy... I literally 'woke up liek disss' since I rolled out of bed and popped on the floral crown as a guise distracting from my tired face (Shhh, but I think it worked!). Obviously I paired this with more flowers on my top. It's actually a Size 14 crop top, #FunFact! The wider shape gives it a summery flowy nature, which suits the fabric.

Ohhh, just look at that,'You tawking t' me? Ha, Peasant!' pout!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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