Tuesday, 9 June 2015

MDXSU Awards 2015

Hey Guys!

When I started uni in 2013, I was elected Fashion Editor of our uni newspaper. I won 2 awards for my work on that, see the awards post here! Now I'm the actual editor of our newly branded magazine. Some cool stuff right there! I can't believe how quickly my second year of uni swam past me, and I've already been to and celebrated at the 2015 MDXSU Awards. This year there was no messing about. Upgraded venue? Check. Snazzier Trophies? Check. A dance floor twice the size of last year's? Most definitely check! Here are some cute snaps with my face in, from the glamorous occasion. Most of these images are taken from the MDXSU Facebook page (I try not to insist a professional photographer follows me around everywhere I go, HeHe!). 

Win, Win, Win!
This year I won Outstanding Contribution to Pow! Media (that's what our student media is called). I spent all year trying to put out an awesome inaugural issue of our new mag, and with lots of hard work it finally happened! 

I was pretty chuffed with my snazzballs of an outfit for the awards. I knew that I wanted to wear it the moment I bought it...which was the same day I ordered the dress I wore to last year's awards! It was from Lavish Alice and has been sat on a lonely little hanger in my wardrobe for a whole year. Now was the dark green, velvet playsuit's chance to shine! I wore my hair and make-up to the to my internship (no points for guessing why I was late that day!). As complicated as it looks, I simply made 2 plaits with my hair, attached the head chain that clips in around the front, then proceeded to wrap the plaits around my head for the ultimate Heidi braids design. I kept my accessories effortlessly easy with a plain bar pendant, a golden stacked ring and my elasticated Swarovski crystal ring. Although, I did push the boat out by wearing my beaut of an ear cuff too!

And a sweet picture of me and my buddies to finish on!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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