Monday, 22 June 2015

Ain't No Party Like an S Club Party!

Hey Guys!

Repeat after me now: 'Sssssssssss Cluuuuuubb!'

Yes! I made it! Finally, I was able to live out a childhood dream and watch S Club 7 in all their glory with less than 100m between us! I was always the one at school who never got to see them, #SadTimes. I feel like the rest of the Row Bow pack was off to watch them every birthday- although thinking about it now they might have been lying... But look at me now, tottering off down to the O2 arena and watching them in their flesh. Thanks to one of my bestest ever buds who invited me after her 21st present was tickets to see them. How joyous for all involved!

I'd had such a busy week prior to the 'contender for the highlight of my year', that I'd not even thought about what to wear. Whoopsie! But you know when you rummage through your wardrobe and think, 'Hey, one day I could put these together and that would look super cute,'? I relied on one of those looks for a back up. The top is a newbie purchase from the kids section in New Look. Weirdly, it dips lower around the front hem compared to the back- but I can work with that. I kept the linear theme throughout the look with the skort that uses lines in other directions to add more interest. A pale denim jacket and golden headband finished off my look perfectly.

We ate dinner rat the Slug and Lettuce in the O2 areana. Oh Man, it was all so delish! But just look at the size of the wine glasses! Just the base of the glass was the size of my hand...

Obvz, I would have liked to have posted this a teenie bit nearer the time. But I thought you guys should still look out for this song, if you've been living under a rock or the like. S Club 7's support act was a little chap names AJ Lehrman and he opened his set with a pretty funk ditty called Shut Up and Dance. I defo thought this was his own original song and was loving it, until I heard another band on the radio passing it off as their own. I was outraged! How could they name this new artist's catchy tune as their own! However, then I did a little digging and it is actually by a band Walk the Moon. I found that I really like Walk the Moon, probably more than AJ Lerhman (soz babes!), and their song Jenny is a good'un too!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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