Monday, 18 May 2015

We Run This Show!

Hey Guys!

This look saw me basically running my first London Fashion Week show! It wasn't my first fashion week show, that was way back in 2012- see here! But it was the first time I'd be trusted and left alone, with my housemate, to take total responsibility for the models for the Natasha Zinko show. We had to call up agencies and make sure they were going to arrive on time. I wasn't the most forceful when the model agencies I called said the model was in the same place she was 10 minutes ago, and therefore going to be even later for the show. But it's all a learning curve. My housemate was great so she took control of that. I was better at keeping an eye on models and making sure they were happily waiting for hair and make-up.

Because this was back in February, it was always so dark when I got back so the photos are a bit dark.  The cropped long sleeved jumper is navy and ribbed, the skirt is a similar navy tone with green tartan stripes on. I was strutting about in brown Chelsea boots all afternoon and looked cute in a blue and white polka dot scrunchie.

I watched Tarzan, the disney film, the other night while I was all alone in an empty student crib. I forgot how great the soundtrack is. You gotta love a little bit of Phil Collins- part of the reason Lily Collins in on this planet so we have him to thank for that too, HeHe! Even thought there are some really sad bit in the film the songs are still quite up tempo and more motivational rather than sad and soppy. My fave bit of the whole film is Jane's Dad at the end...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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