Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Heidi Hearts

Hey Guys!

There's no rest for the wicked. I only had one day off during the 8 or so days I worked at London Fashion Week, and it certainly wasn't today! I started the day trying to get in backstage at Somerset House. That was tricky! We were meant to be there at 7:45 for the dress run of J. JS Lee's 9am show. It was the opening show of fashion week! But we arrived a teenie bit after and therefore with the loud music blaring away, now one heard their phones ringing. We got in eventually and since I have worked backstage in the theatre I took to the mad runnings of the show like a duck to water. Pretty sure that was the impression I gave off anyway... Straight after the J. JS Lee show was down we raced over to help Palmer Harding at their show casting. Lots of girls were coming in in pretty cray cray make-up as they'd come straight from shows and presentations.

Without thinking about it, I slipped on my pretty patterned jumpsuit. It turned out to be the perfect wearing for backstage. It had pockets! I happily stuffed pens and papers down there throughout the morning- since our late runnings meant no clipboard for Row Bow. I paired the jumpsuit with a super silvery BarryM liquid Eyeliner Charlotte gave me in our box swap.  

Rita Ora has premiered another new tune from her forthcoming second album. This time Rita explains, over a bass-y comedown, how her chosen lover is her Poison and how it's not ideal but she can't keep away. The song starts with lonely piano chords and build into a mid-tempo jam as Rita belts out, 'I pick my poison and it yooo-oooohh-ohhhh-ooooh-ouu.'

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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