Saturday, 2 May 2015

Celebrate a Birthdate

Hey Guys!

You will be pleased to hear that I have finally finished my year at uni! I handed in my essay half an hour before the deadline, which is unusual for me-I normally wait until the last minute, literally! All my projects are done and dusted, marked and moderated. This means I can get back in to the swing if wittering away in here reasonably regularly. Lucky old you!

It's embarrassing how far behind I'd become with these posts. But cuteness doesn't have an expiry date, right? Hehe! This snazzy look was from Daddy Bow's birthday back at the beginning of the year. I think it is still a super look for the warmer months, with a slight alteration with the removal of the thick winters tights. I'm really into my pattern clashing when I'm making an effort with my looks. Although sometimes what I think will look nice, totally doesn't and it will really throw any other ideas I thought I had.

I went out for dinner with the clan to celebrate the birthday, we went to a local yummy pub. But the trouble with working at a school so locally means that I ALWAYS see the kiddies when I'm out being a grown up! On the very few occasions I choose to drink there is always a small child who comes racing in saying, 'Hello Row!' The waiter who served us was even someone I use to do drama with when he was like 11! Don't think he recognised me, though sad times...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


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