Friday, 20 March 2015

Top of the Dots

Hey Guys!

I cannot believe how quickly my week interning at Top of the Pops magazine went. I had such an insightful time there! I learnt far more from there than I was expecting, and I can defo see myself as a Fashion Editor of a totally cute teen magazine when the time comes to find a real job. Sadly, the Fashion Editor of this magazine wasn’t in on my last day. She was living it large in Barcelona, alright for some! I’d bought a little thank you gift for her, which I placed delicately in my seat, since her cover was in her regular seat… and that would have just looked weird giving her a present after we’d literally just met and hardly spoken!

This outfit is pretty tame and chilled compared to the rest of the outfits I’d worn throughout the week. I like to think of it as proof that I can dress up for work like an actual adult. Even if I am still wearing a kids section shirt… I think wearing red in a grown up smart outfit is always a god idea. It gives a nice focus point to your look and red is a colour that looks divine on pretty much anybody! The trousers are two tone skinnies, not that you can see that in the poorly lit photos (Seriously guys, what has happened to my on point self-portraiture photography skills?). I kept the navy tones throughout the look by adding my cream and navy cardigan. The red hues are also brought out again by my shoes and good old lippy. These shoes were a charity shop find, pretty funky, hey? I also even tried out grown up ring stacking. Although this was made a tad easier as one ring had 5 rings as part of the design, #winning!

Ohemgee! Ohemgee! Ohemgee! I am soooooooo excited. Frozen Fever is out and the songs are just as magical as the film's (Don’t even get me started on how hyped I am for Frozen 2!!!). Making Today a Perfect Day is the first song I’ve heard from the featurette. I’ll admit that the theme of the song is very much aimed at little kiddies. It’s about Elsa having a cold… but she tries to give Ana the best birthday ever. We’ve all been there, right? The song isn’t as dramatic as Let It Go. I’d say it was more comparative to First Time In Forever, but a little happier with lots of funny talking interludes.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. you gorgeous girl <3 I really love your stylish outfit <3

    1. That's very kind of you to say. Thanks Marissa!

      Row Bow


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