Monday, 2 March 2015

Pink Impressions

Hey Guys!

I'd like to apologise for the secession of posts in the next few weeks. The photo quality is far from the profesh outcome we've all known to love to here on What Row Chose... . But you can see what I'm wearing and the considered features of my looks, which is the initial reason why we stumbled on over here. Right? I hope that the stream of posts coming your way will help you understand why I haven't been so frequent with the old blog posts of late. I've been having a great time though, so let's jump straight in!

Uni decided at Christmas that they'd had enough of us and threw us out into the big wide world for 2 whole months, all on our own. After a being ditched by one stylist, I found solace at Top of the Pops magazine (Yes, it's still going!). I'm just going to throw it out there now, I HAD THE MOST AMAZEBALLS TIME THERE, EVER! It was so cool to be working at a magazine that I had idolised when I was younger. Even though it's all down with the kids by featuring vloggers in the mag now, it's still everything I'd hoped it would be and more. This is my first day look. I just jumped straight in by wearing an all pink ensemble. Gotta make a good first impression, right? Mine usually ends up being the cute, smiley gal. You'll recognise the pieces from my Kylie Klobber Haul, but it did slip out that was wearing clothes from the kids section today. Obviously, Top of the Pops is a tween magazine, so all the clothes featured are ultra-suitable for Row Bow!

Whoops, it's a little too blue now. But it was waaay yellower before!

It seems like yesterday a wee Conor Maynard was bubbling through the YouTube waves and making his musical debuts. But it was literally yesterday that he debuted new music, Talking About. This is the second single to be lifted for the inevitable second album, released on April 20th. Whose excited? I am! Talking About is really different from the innocent twinklings on Contrast. A lot more dancey and current to the charts.   And Craig David makes a cameo in the video, so what's not to love? It might be because it's super sunny in the video, but I'm feeling a possible top summer tune contender...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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