Saturday, 21 February 2015

Time For Another Beauty Box Swap

Hey Guys!

Since I've got a cheeky day off amidst the drama of London Fashion Week, I thought I'd tell you all about a recent box swap I did. After stumbling across the opportunity Sarah set up over on Ohh So Glam, I decided to get involved. I haven't done one for a year and they are super fun to put together. I was paired up with Charlotte from Basic is Beauty. After sending a few emails back and forth we put together a beautiful box of goodies and shipped them off to each other. Here is what arrived for me:

Ooooohh, I wonder what treats could be hiding in here...?

Ta-Dah! What a lovely assortment of products!

(Well, this is a great photo isn't it?!)
I mentioned to Charlotte that I love my lippy and the bolder the better is my motto. She packed a light lilac lippy which is from my favourite lipstick makers, BarryM. I'm sure you'll see me wearing this in a post soon. As you will with the silver metallic liquid eyeliner. I've used glitter eyeliners before, but I've not tried out a metallic one before. I have used this product and I think it looks so cool! The applicator is a stiff brush, but it still glides on easily and precisely.

Charlotte said that this Tea Tree collection from Superdrug was really kind and gentle on her sensitive skin, so I'm hoping it will work wonders for me. We ended up having a few things in common including sensitive skin and unruly curly hair. If it's recommended by a fellow sensitive skin sufferer, then I'm willing to give it a go. I have used the moisturiser a few times already and it smells so fresh! No reactions so far, which means it's a keeper! I'll save the face mask until I have a nice few days off when I can chill and pamper.

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect combo of hair products to get the prettiest curls. Charlotte suggested I tried out this VO5 Curl Defining Mousse after washing my hair. Charlotte's curls always look so lovely so I trust her thinking. I've just tried it and it is such a fun product to use! I had a mousse soap for the bath when I was little, you could squirt funny patterns around the rubber duckies. This mousse brings me right back to those days, as you spray it in your hands a large white mountain grown in your hands and it fizzles away. So cool!

I know you're curious about what I chose for Charlotte. Lucky for you, she's written a lovely post about that just here!

Thank you so much for my Beauty Box Charlotte!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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    I just nominated you for a Liesbter Award.
    Not quite sure where this will take you, but still is worth the try.
    Check out the post to see what's next.



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