Monday, 9 February 2015

More Raiding Through the Sales

Hey Guys!

Welcome to part two of my Christmas sale haul/pretty late thank you letters. Below are purchases from the sales in H&M and New Look. Enjoy!

Orange Printed Playsuit, H&M
I was 'ummming' and 'ahhhhing' about this particular piece because I thought it was pretty unique, but it wasn't really winter appropriate attire. I've had a thorough talking to myself that I should invest in winter wardrobe pieces instead of ALWAYS pre-planning for the warmer months. But then the one jumper I tried on was a little pricey for what it was so I said since I wasn't getting anything else this was obviously meant to be mine! Ended up being even cheaper at the til, so I probs could have got that jumper too in the end. Oh well! Better luck next time Row!

Black Floral Print Trousers, New Look
I am such a fan of these elasticated ankle style trousers. They are really confrtable and quite slouchy really, however a snazzy pattern makes any outfit look like you tried harder! Also since they are a rather baggy style, I can hide a pair of tights underneath them without them clinging in the winter months. Winning!

Red and Black Collared Print Dress, New Look
The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise this dress from my last performance at work post. I was so desperate to wear it I couldn't wait to get round to photographing the haul first. It is a rather lovely dress and the print is a classic baroque like design. Red is defo my colour, as are collars, so I couldn't really ask for anything more from the dress!

Thank you to Angie and Gordon and Grandma for providing the funds to be able to raid the Christmas sales! Without out you, I wouldn't have ren able to attempt to expand my winter wardrobe... But end up with more summery pieces!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


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    1. Thanks Cole! They are pretty fabulous, so excited to wear them out and about.

      Row Bow


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