Wednesday, 11 February 2015

London Luncheon

Hey Guys!

So I was meant to be interning at the beginning of January all the way until the beginning of March, but that all went pear shaped so I went for lunch with my friends instead. Equal Trade, right? I was lounging about at home for weeks, so it made for a nice change of scenery. Now that I live in London, I don't actually do many touristy things (apart from this and this). I was awful at suggesting places they could have a mooch around, but I did find us a nice place for lunch. Southbank, along the river, has lots of restaurants so we were spoilt for choice. Since we all love a good student deal, it was off to Giraffe we went! Delish!

If only we'd had a selfie stick to make this a proper tourist photo

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I love the colour combination of this look. Initially, I threw on the red dress and red jumper thinking that was the look. But the colour blocking continuation with my bold blue coat and purple scarf works really well too. I'm just such a pro at getting myself dressed now, HeHe! The jumper was a sale purchase from H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams. I love Henry Holland's collections, and always have a gander when it comes to end of season things. But I always forget to look at his Debenhams collection. There are some total bargs there that I've defo been missing out on. Not Cool! It is soooo chunky and thick. It's like my usual 4 layers all combined into one. How masterful! Naturally, since I was working the bright reds today, I had to wear my fluro-orange laced trainers. They go EVERYWHERE with me. Nice job there Tesco!

Thanks Auntie Val for the toasty scarf. It kept me looking wonderful and warm!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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