Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kylie Klobber

Hey Guys!

I have been one busy girl lately! First I think I've got the whole of January and February to myself, then I went to work at school for a week, then I'm interning at one magazine and now next week I'm off to another. Phew! But lucky for you, I have managed to find a spare moment to blog and show you the start of my christmas sale goodies. It's will be no surprise to any of you that the first place I stopped at was Kylie, the teen section at M&Co. 

Electric Pink Textured Skater Skirt
I do love a good skater skirt and this vivid pink one is the perfect length. Sometimes they can be a little short, but I really like this longer length skirt. There is a decorative graphic zip at the back, which caught me out at first. It's just for show since the skirt is actually elasticated. 

Heart Print Jumpsuit
Trousers are usually a risky area in the kids section. My legs are a little long to fit into them. But here Kylie have really excelled themselves. This all-in-one jumpsuit is sooo comfy and fits like a glove with out being restricting.

Pink Floral Print Long Sleeved Crop Top
What a lovely little crop top! I think long sleeved crop tops are a little more grown up that having a strappy little one. I feel like this started out a bit aztec-y then someone came along and added a whole bunch of flower motifs!

Lightweight Polka Dot Denim Pinafore
I think this is the cutest purchase of the haul. I love pinafore style dresses, and to have one in denim puts me in the best summer mood. The 'denim' is probs actually faux, but it still looks great because it gives a bit of a lived in feel to the colour.

What do you think of my new purchases? Pretty cool for the kids section, hey? Thank you Uncle Chris and Auntie Jen for donating to the kids clothes for Row fund! (I'm so high tech with blogging thank you letters! Even if they are a bit late)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I love that pinafore I need one in my life!
    Coleoftheball xx

    1. I'm defo going to get as much wear as possible from it!

      Row Bow


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