Friday, 16 January 2015

Pink Reflection

Hey Guys!

So I've realised that apart from maybe a quick mention in my first work wear post back in 2012, I'm not sure I've ever really told you what I do for work. You guys must think I'm crazy in some of these looks, exhibit a // b  // c, so let's give it all some context. From the ages of 4-16 I performed as part of a children's theatre group. And after just less than a year off, I began working there during college. I tip up every Saturday and work with 6 classes of children ranging from ages 3-14 years old. It's like one big children's party as I sing, dance and play my way through the day. A real hoot! At Christmas we perform a Pantomine which we start work on in September. So these regular New Year posts are what I've been wearing when I work backstage at the theatre. It's like a second home to me now and I've never had a New Year without panto! Working at the theatre group was my first job. Now you're thinking that paper round of yours isn't so fly...! 

Today's backstage look shows off my third and final purchase from Tesco. Although this time it's not from the Florence & Fres section, I ventured into the kid's isle. Whoopsie, but what'cha gon' do? I think think skirt is one of the prettiest things I've seen in my whole life. The pale pinks and golds create a really rich and luxurious feel. It's very baroque-like, if that's how you'd phrase it. I couldn't believe that I'd gone the whole term so far not wearing my cat ears once! They never fail to get attention just as much from the parents as well as the kids. Keeping with the rosy hues, a little rosy lippy was the finishing touch to my look.

If you aren't a theatre-pro like myself, here is a sneaky peeking into what the 'glamorous' dressing rooms are like backstage. 

I am super excited for the release of Fall Out Boy's new album, American Beauty/American Psycho in only a few days time. Irresistible is one song I do particularly like to get my jam on to. When I say jam, it's not the dancey-tune that connotes. There are trumpety trumpets, there are powerful drums, and of course there is Patrick Stumps voice singing about what turns out to be pretty toxic love. Then there's Immortals, which is unexpectedly a Disney film theme song. Who saw that coming? It's no Let It Go, but I'm glad Fall Out Boy were able to stick to their signature sound. Now, I totally get that Fall Out Boy mix with many high-fliers and celebrities but I just thought our friendship was pretty solid. They've only gone and got my name wrong on one of the tracks and called me Uma Thurman. Silly boys! HeHe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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