Monday, 19 January 2015

Permanently Frozen

Hey Guys!

Basically living in the theatre and being surrounded by lots of small children, what do you think was the top Christmas present I was repeatedly told about? The answer is: anything Frozen related. Did I ever tire of it? Nope! Because I am totally obsessed with it too and think Frozen is almost the best thing since sliced bread (the creation of What Row Chose... is in between the two. HeHe!). What did I get for christmas? Far too many Disney Princess things including this beautifully childish Frozen t-shirt (No fear, the Frozen DVD also arrived under the tree for Row). So many questions, Row, let's just get onto the look!

I kept an icy blue theme to my look with the all-in-one denim piece. With my Frozen t-shirt just peeping through, it was enough to gain many repetitive questions from teenie-wees as I caked their faces in stage make-up. Still super cute though! My necklace co-ordinates well with its clear perspex and pastel pink and jewels. Typical Row Bow the fool! I totally forgot to get a close up of my hair which I think was pretty snazzy this particular day. I'd made two plaits and crossed them over the top of my head, commonly know as Heidi Braids. But I'd tied several colourful hair ties down the plaits so they appeared as little stripes across the finished Heidi Plaits.

You'd be right in thinking this is not Lily-Dog. But a friend, Marley-Dog. He was a bit too excited about being in the picture with me.

Slowly but surely, I'm seeing more and more snippets of songs from the new 50 Shades of Grey film soundtrack. One snippet I heard was on Conor Maynard's new cover where, amongst a little bit of a Craig David throwback, a little bit of Ellie Goulding was squeezed in. Love Me Like You Do makes great use of Ellie's beautiful high notes, giving the song an ethereal but anthemic feel. I love the big build-up just after the slowed down middle eight.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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