Monday, 12 January 2015

Perfect Purple Print

Hey Guys!

In my last post you got a sneak peek into the green room of the theatre. Today, you get a quick glimpse on stage. It would have been a greater glimpse if my 'photographer' had taken more than two non-blurry photo. But it is enough for you to see the see the outfit. As mentioned, also in my previous post, I managed a christmas sales trip to Florence & Fred at Tesco. This bold chiffon, palm tree print top was another purchase in the sale.

If you've have looked back on my posts from the early days, you have seen I was not a pattern person. But whey-hey, look at me now. Fearlessly clashing prints like no Row Bow has before! I chose the floral leggings because they share the same purple tones as the shirt. The purples on the trousers are muted compared to the top, so the print clash pairs more effectively. Even though the trainers sparkle silver studs, I've used gold jewellery to add warmth to the cool pallet. The large golden necklace have jewels which relict purple and blue tones which ties the whole look together nicely!

Ella Eyre and DJ Fresh have finally teamed up to create the anthemically-dancey Gravity. Personally, for me, the song was a bit of a grower. But I stuck with it purely to re-watch the beautiful Ella getting her Bonnie on, alongside DJ Fresh's Clyde. in the video. I am loving her new fringe. Obvz, she was inspired by me and my big-bouncy-locks-with-fringe combo. Beginning with piano twinkles, the song makes a quick turn into an deeper organ sound accompanying Ella's vocals. Then DJ Fresh does his things and gets all the 'boom-boom-chussssshhh' and 'woap-woap-woaps' going.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Great look, and I love your statement necklace x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. Thank you Laura! Can you believe it was a Primark purchase?

      Row Bow


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