Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Farewell, Adieu

Hey Guys!

Well, this is it guys my last day working backstage! I'm glad you've made it this far with me! Technically this isn't my last ever day at the theatre group, quite yet. I am going to be popping in on the first day of term at the weekend to hand over to my shiny, new replacement. I thought I was irreplaceable! HeHe!

I always like to wear a really nice outfit on the last show. Just to go out with a bang! Something uber pretty, and girly and just a touch smart. This dress is something I managed to pick up in the sales at New Look. You wanna keep watch here on What Row Chose... because you'll be seeing a couple of haul post showing off my sales bargains in the coming days. Although still £15, I was getting to the frustrated point when out shopping and just nothing takes your fancy. It was probably because I was just a bit too tired from working when I nipped out on my day off. The dress is from the Mela Loves London collection. Or what some would call the 'Pretty Dress section'. The red is so vivid. I like the texture of the dress and the way it compliments the aesthetic of the print upon the dress. Not that anyone would really notice, but I think the collar is actually a little squiffy. Did anyone else find this? No biggie, I chatter away so much nobody would notice a wonky collar underneath my chin.

Just in case any member of Maroon 5 ever finds himself stumbling upon the humble site that is What Row Chose... , I just want to make it totally clear that they can gatecrash my wedding whenever they fancy. This might see like a strange memo, but if you've seen the video to their latest single Sugar you'll understand what I'm saying. This is a funky little love song that really gives you a good practice of this high notes. The combination of deep guitar riffs and Adam Levine's warbling makes for a lovely lovy-dovy record, as Maroon 5 do only to well!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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