Friday, 12 December 2014

My Living Room Style

Hey Guys!

So today's post is a little different but I know you'll love it just the same! Modani is a modern furniture store specializing in contemporary and modern furniture (obvz). I've decided to use some of their pieces to create a living room design which reflects my own style. I would have loved to put this together on Photoshop, because I would have gone all fancy and made it signature Row Bow! But I am pretty chuffed with this outcome too.

Every outfit needs a stand out, centre piece and that also applies to every living room. Being a popular babysitter, I see many a living rooms and I happily pick out successful feature pieces I dream of having in my own living room one day. Personally, I love a good corner sofa! I think they present a great use of space and adds an all- encompassing feel to the room. If you like the one I've chosen, you can check out Modani's full collection of modern sofas. Much like a beautiful dress which you add accessories to, a sofa is what I'd design the rest of my room around. This comfortable white design looks elegant when accompanied by silver and white decorative pieces, like the fairytale-esque mirror and coat stand. Very Row Bow! I chose other pieces to go in the room that keep the sofa's clean and slick presentation, to reflect my own love of smart and classic outfit silhouettes. As a secondary colour to my living room design I went with a classic choice of black. This comes through with the lights, simple bookshelf and dark cushions and rug. Just like with an outfit, you should try to avoid decorating all in one colour, hence a secondary colour. Then you can add the fun and thrills with a bold, pretty accent colour. Ohhh, I love an accent colour. And naturally, what colour could I chose other than a vivid pink?! I think cushions are a great way to subtly, yet stylishly, add a contrasting colour. I love the 'LOVE' cushions and the pink ones thrown into the mix makes it real cute. I might personalise the cushions to say 'Row Bow' though...
All I need is a beautiful fireplace with a toasty fire going, and I'd move straight in!

How do you think I did? What would be your centre piece?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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