Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Little Transatlantic Choies Haul

Hey Guys!

It has taken me waaay too long to post this, but this education thing is getting a bit intense at the mo. We finished one project and straight away started a new one, which happens to be a live proj meaning it is for an actual brand. 2 weeks to sort myself out for a 10-page shoot! Great! On top of that I'm sorting out an internship for new year. Phew! It's a lot to take on, but I'm powering through.

Here, I present my Choies haul. Originally my order was placed at the end of September, my parcel arrived 3 weeks later. I am thrilled with my purchases and love every single one. I risked it a bit with the sizing but none of them are out by a lot. Although I only bought 4 things this is a pretty decent haul considering it came from America! Think of the postage, people!

I wasn't sure how I'd wear this top because of the large white band across the top. I thought it might wash out my face since it was so large and close to my face, but actually it's totally fine! I feel pretty sophisticated rocking a lace Bardot style top. The top comes in one size and this means that it fits really nicely so a smooth silhouette is formed. The only thing is that the ends of the lace are a little straggly. There's only 4 pieces that have been over-locked so I can just tack them into the lace to hide them.

Finally, a kimono of my own! Strictly speaking it's not an actual kimono, but it is a really nice lightweight jacket which probs would have been better in summer than winter. Oh Well! I was really happy with this since I thought it was a little different to the rest of my wardrobe. It turned out really easy to iron (not that I remembered to for these photos!). But then I found one of the shoulders has 2 gapping holes in where the chiffon has started to fray. This shouldn't be too tricky for a sewing whizz like me to fix, but it's just a little annoying. I'm not sending it back because that would be loooooong, man!

If any of you are as great a sugar enthusiast as myself, I'm sure you'd have been watching Sweets Made Simple over August/September. Miss H had been wearing a marvelous white lip print shirt and I rather fancied one myself. Luckily Choies had one, woohoo! I chose a black version of the top, so it's a little different. I risked a small size in this, forgetting my gangly arms. So it does fit, but they'll be no acrobatic gymnastics from me when wearing it!

Isn't this dress just the cutest?! Spoiler Alert: This will be my Christmas dress. Unless I find something tremendously greater in appearance, which I don't think I will. I love everything about it. It was the main reason I did this little haul from Choies. I'm glad I bought it when I did, with a little 20% off! The beautifully bejewelled collar is detachable, as if I'm ever going to take that off! The bows at the front are a very sweet detail. It is a little on the short side, but a pair of black tights would increase modesty by a small increment!

Do you like any of these pieces? Have you purchased from Choies before? I'd love to know.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. WOW!!!! Bow Skater Dress With Contrast Collar, is really cute! i love the dress. It's the perfect winter warmer!

    1. Thank you so much! The red is just the right shade for Christmas.

      Row Bow

  2. love the dress Row Bow,it's gorgeous! xx


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