Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Zoo Mark II

Hey Guys!

It is soooo cold and miserable outsdie. So I thought's I'd brighten everybody's day with a sunny post from the Zoo. I'm an such a lucky girl, I managed TWO trips to the zoo this summer. When I was working at the primary school I got a free trip to Marwell Zoo (see that post here), then at the end of summer I managed to squeeze in a trip to London Zoo. This was another 'Pretend Tourist' trip so I could educate my old housemate, from New Zealand, on the best places to go in London. Having achieved Madame Taussards, the London Aquarium and the London Eye last time we only had one big trip left, in my eyes!

It was a very lovely, sunny day but it was also a little chilly, especially during the journey. I based my outfit around my stripy dunagrees. I really should have thought it through since long days out + dungarees + Row does not make the best mix. I always forget how tricky it makes going for a wee! I used a blue theme throughout my look and wore a navy cropped jumper under the dunagrees. It made an interesting look with a chunk of side tum being exposed for the whole day!

How come nobody told me about the Gwen Stefani collaboration Maroon have on their new album, V? Gwen is a childhood hero, who I've recently rediscovered my love for! You wouldn't think it, but I am quite the fan of her ska-band No Doubt. Although Adam and Gwen's duet is a little slow and not as pinky as her other work, it's good to hear Gwen on an emotional track. I am really enjoying the whole album from Maroon 5. In Your Pocket is a personal fave, but also their latest single Animals is (although a little creepy) a fab listen!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I love those dungarees, they're soooo cute! I love the zoo xx

    Gemma |

    1. Thank you Gemma! I hadn't been in so long, then I managed 2 zoo trips this summer! They make for great chilled days.

      Row Bow


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