Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ways to Wear a Floral Midi Dress with CelebLook

Hey Guys!

What do you do when you're in desperate need of a glamorous new look? Hop onto the CelebLook website of course! Crammed full with exquisitely, dazzling dresses and scrumptiously snug sweaters, CelebLook will definitely have what you're looking for.

Let's take this Floral Midi Dress for example. It's such a pretty look all by itself! Wearing it with some simple nude or tan heels allows the magnificent skirt print to really shine. I like the bold pink band around the waist since it emphasises one of my flattering features. But if you're like me and can't wear the anything the same way twice, read on to find out how I'd style the dress for different occasions.

The Dress

 Look 1: Smarten Up
Pink happens to make a frequent occurrence within my wardrobe, so it was easy to whip out this sheer shirt and tie it around the high waist. When you're rocking a multicoloured skirt like this, try to match the rest of the look to colours that aren't so dominant within the pattern. Pink, yellow and orange are all great choices with this skirt. I added a pearly headband to match the white top of the dress, which is peeking out from the shirt. Although you might thing this mixture of lengths would give a shortening effect, the skirt is the PERFECT length, as it finishes just below the knee where your calf narrows again. Wearing you're hair up, especially in a tall bun, adds even more elegant height.

Look 2: Casual Creation
If I'm meeting up with friends I don't always want to be wearing heels, but I do always want to be looking fabulous! That's why this dress would be great teamed with a casual cropped jumper and trainer combo. The navy jumper is a similar tone and shade to the deeper pinks of the skirt. Although I've covered the white part of the dress, I've added a white bead necklace to tie in with the white trainers. As I mentioned before, the dress works with both heels and flats due to its amazing length.

Look 3: Winter Warm
I'll give you that a strappy midi dress isn't the warmest choice for the up coming months. However, I've managed to work around this so I can get the most wear throughout the mistier months. I've slipped on a delightful, long-sleeved plum top on underneath the dress. It adds a little more interest but still shows off all of the dress. Also, since it is the layer closest to skin, it will keep you the warmest. I'm not usually one for long boots and long skirts, but I think paired with the brown aviator jacket it actually works rather well. By adding the deeper tones of these winter garments it brings down the summer vibes of the bold print but still allows it to be electrically eye-catching.

What do you think of my looks?
Glad to be of service!

Thank you to CelebLook for kindly working with me on this collaboration.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Really love this dress on you row, looks so good!

    1. Aww, thanks babes! Maybs I'll whip it out next time I see you...

      Row Bow


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