Monday, 6 October 2014

Snazzy Pants

Hey Guys!

Whose ready for a work ensemble brought to you by Row Bow?

I really do love these trousers but I hardly ever whip them out. They are so easy to wear as they're a really nice lose fit. The print and satin soft fabric means they look super snazzy with the hassle of wearing something that takes a lot of effort to look fabulous. I stuck with a cooler pallet for today's colouring and teamed the trews with an aqua blue crop top. Having not really been a crop top, midriff bearing kind of girl before summer, now I'm relishing the last few days I can before the christmas belly begins to load up! All the kids noticed my matching sparkling silver jewellery on my fingers and fringe. Isn't it crazy how that just kinda happens. It's like I plan my work outfits the night before or something!

Do you like my nails? What else am I expected to do whilst babysitting all by my lonesome self on a chilly Friday Evening? I've used a pretty pastel blue as a base and created a cross-hatched effect over the top with a thinner nail brush in a white polish. I think pale nail polishes emphasis a tan really well. Even if it's the littlest, faintest, hardly there tan. Against pastel nails, the tan will come out from hiding. But I wouldn't go as far as totally white nails, it washes out pale skin tones too much. Therefore it has the opposite effect and loses the warm tones from the skin.

When I had first heard of Charli XCX, and saw the promotional images of her, I just didn't think I was going to warm to her. She looked too cool for Cheesy-Pop-Loving Row. But having actually heard a little bit of her music now, I will admit I am actually turning into a little bit of a fan. Her newest single to hit the air waves is Break the Rules. This is of course something that I would never condone or participate in, I'm far too much of a goodie two-shoes for that! Debuting with deep tones from an electric guitar the song progresses into, what sounds like, the use of a synthesiser and I love the school-girl chant effect of the backing singers. She even makes the word, 'discotheque' sound cool. It takes one hell of a woman to achieve that, hehe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Love your snazzy trousers, such a fun look plus I love the colour and pattern. You look great!
    Saw you on facebook, please stop by my blog sometime!

    1. Thanks Lorna! Your blog looks great. I love your printed pieces.

      Row Bow


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