Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sunshine By The River

Hey Guys!

When the sun is shining there's nothing better to do than take a leisurely stroll down by the river. I'll admit that I did actually go shopping pre-outfit photo taking, but as well as shopping the river is a great place to be on a warm, sunny day. I'm quite happy to just sit along the banks and people watch. Watching the rowers go up and down the river can be a delightful sight, if you're lucky. Otherwise they just make you feel really tired since it looks like too much hard work for little Row Bow.

This is a super simple, thrown together outfit. The crop top is a charity shop find in the kids section because there are usually some pretty decent bargains there. Sure, you have to sift through the Peppa Pig tops and frilly princess dresses but I usually find something pretty decent for 99p or so. I'm just gonna come out an say it. How long do my legs look in the dark tights and dark boots? This is defo the way to go, especially for the upcoming autumnal seasons when darker colours are more frequent. 

G.R.L have finally released Ugly Heart, the first release from their forthcoming debut album. I've been listening to it for soooo long. With a consistent ukulele twinkle in the background it might not be a sound you'd expect to come from the girls featured in the video. The girls all show their very unique styles as they dance on tables to lyrics about how a nice face doesn't always meant a nice person on the inside. The song, although injected with the country uke, is defo a proper pop blaster. There have been many a time I've found myself singing it to my reflection in the window as I do the washing up, #SorryNotSorry! Band member Lauren Bennett has actually already scored an international number smash. Remember that LMFAO Party Rock Anthem, Lauren and GoonRock (whoever that fellow may be) were on that track with them. Just nobody ever mentions it...
            Unfortunately, upon reading the sad news, I have realised that as I was writing this scheduled post about the thriving new coming band one of its most promising members sadly passed away. Simmone Battle, 25, was one-fifth of G.R.L who is sadly no longer with us and, although I never usually comment on this kind of news, I am genuinely shocked by the incident. 

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Aw Rowbow,your outfit is just so gorgeous,one of my favourites ever,and you know me with polka dot,wow,i want that so much! You look so awesome,i am almost speechless! Thanks for sharing this amazing post!Xo Xo

    1. Wow, amazing compliments Hollie! Thank you for all your support for 'What Row Chose...'.

      Row Bow


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