Monday, 8 September 2014

Say Yee-haw!

Hey Guys!

For our summer show at work we were rehearsing for a cowboy bun-fight at the O.K Corral. Naturally in a kiddie friendly version of a good ol' cowboy western, you replace guns with bread buns. Duh! One Saturday I was inspired by the theme of our rehearsals and went for a little cowgirl look myself.

I feel like I hardly wear most things in my wardrobe, but because its the case for almost all pieces I keep them. I'm glad I do because it means I can whip out bad boys like this Karen Millen denim playsuit and it still feels super special. I once wore the playsuit on a super sunny day and I was working on an art project in the sun all day. I ended up with a beautifully strong, square tan just around the top of my chest and back. Oops! This time I chose to cover up with a really casual red plaid, lumberjack shirt. I think these two elements go together well as they both evoke hard-wearing, rough and tumble connotations. But then the night before I had seen a young teen programme showing a tutorial on headscarf wearing. So I decided to give it a whirl for work. I've explained the tutorial in my Chasing the Country Bumpkin post here.

The very beginning of So There, Alexa Goddard's latest effort, has a heavily Bangra (I hope that's the one I mean) influenced sound. This continues through out the song although the addition of the drums and electric guitar that kick in added more traditional pop elements to the song. There's no denying the chorus has an infections choirs with all the ye-ea-ye-ea-ye-ea-yeah-ing. I think this should have really been put out at the beginning of summer, because I can just picture a beautiful sunset and huge festival tents with lots of people and piggy backs for the music video.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I love that your rehearsals inspired this look - the head tie is a cute touch!!
    - I'm new to Instagram! -


    1. Thanks Gabrielle! I love the head scarf too. I'm defo getting a good use out of it!

      Row Bow


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