Friday, 19 September 2014

Perfect Smile

Hey Guys!

I wouldn’t normally wear anything blog-worthy for a simple trip, like one to the dentist, but I actually thought this shirt-dress was pretty cool. So cool in fact I though that I’d share it with the entire world and most importantly you. Aren’t you lucky? I’m sure what you’re really here to read is how to get the perfect mile, as hinted by the title. Well it all starts with… Lol, jk! I always get told I have a perfect smile when I go to the dentist, but that’s all down to the craftsmanship of my orthodontist. That’s right kids, Row Bow, the goddess like entity, had braces. Shock Horror! I’m pretty sure most unfortunate year 8's have to go through the trauma of braces. My first wire wasn’t cut to the right length so for 6 weeks I had it catching on my cheek when I ate- I thought it was meant to be like that. Mmmm, yummy! I’m full of fun braces stories; another one being that eating a banana made the wire ping off one half of my train tracks. Swallowing elastics, getting gum wrapped around the metal work, defying the orthodontist by eating whole apples, I’ve got stories about them all!

On to the look. I’ve had this shirt-dress for a good few years and although I wore it a reasonable amount when I bought it, I don’t seem to be getting much wear from it of late. I used to always wear it with trousers or leggings. But I am digging the bare legs, shirt dress look. It’s a really good length to wear as a dress actually. With the cardigan over the top the whole look became very ill fitted, so I tied the shirt’s belt over the cardigan instead. This flatters my figure far better and adds a hint of femininity to the typically masculine plaid shirt. I added a very chunky necklace that balances out with the large bow around my waist.

I love playing around with the sun in my images. The glare that’s sometimes created is so striking.

Since I'm a true Disney kid it would be wrong not to mention Nick Jonas', of JoBros fame, musical comeback. This isn't a comeback to musicals on stage, he's already done that. This is a comeback to our iPods, computer screens and being the catchy song on loop in our heads. Having already released non-JoBro music with his side project Nick Jonas and the Administration, Nick is going totally alone this time. NJATA had a strong guitar lead sound with some rather jazzy melodies. But Nick's solo stuff is a lot darker, especially Chains. You just have to watch the video to see Nick is proving how much he's grown since disbanding from the Jonas Brothers. Jealous is another video to look out for, big difference in style compared to Chains. But the lyrics is kind of in the same vein as Chains although it presents more musical production. The boppier-beat is defo more up Row Bow's street.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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