Friday, 5 September 2014

Dramatic Hat, Top That

Hey Guys!

I'm sure you all remember the random parties your parents dragged you to when you were a wee youngen. Although they are hazy memories now, you still remember the lost and confused feeling of being driven for what felt like hours to arrive at a gathering full of people you're not sure you've every acquainted yourself with (that's right I was a sophisticated mofo at the age of 7, I had acquaintances, hehe!). Well, I'm lucky enough to still be taken along to these mysterious events. At the ripe old age of 20, I'm still never too sure if I truly know anyone there. Even if they do persist the last time they saw me was when I was 'yea high'.

The one thing I do know is how to make an impression, and I'm pretty sure I nailed it here. The wide brimmed, floppy hat is surely the best way to stand out amongst the crowd as its such a dramatic piece. I wore a similarly toned lipstick but it was a pinker hue and that was looked great with the hat. The combination received lots of compliments since it's a little out there as it clashes, but not too wildly. I love long sleeved crop tops since they cover yet streamline your arms and don't bring the bagginess of a full jumper. Wearing a crop top with a high waisted skirt can really elongate your legs. Especially if you wear nude/see through shoes as well, like me and my throwback jelly shoes. As the hat is a very graphic and bold in its appearance I needed other additions throughout the look to balance out the shape. I chose a chunky, large floral necklace and thick tan belt. It can look really minimalistic to wear the hat with a dainty necklace, but this wasn't the outfit to attempt that. A crisp, simple shirt or slip dress would please that aesthetic.

If you non-stingey people of the world actually purchased Sam Smith's debut album, In the Lonely Hour, todays music pick will not be news to you. However, for the Row Bow's of the world who are happy streaming the same playlist on repeat listen up! I'm Not The Only One is Sam Smith's latest single. Even though the video's been out for a month, the actual single was only released on Sunday. I think the reason I fall in love with many songs is purely down to the accompanying music video. The I'm Not The Only One video plays out the divine Diana Aragon's emotional distress at knowing her fella is no the faithful kind. I like how Diana's scenes are very bright and illuminated and she dresses in smart white outfits, almost bridal pieces. However, her naughty husband dresses in a dark suit and gets friendly with a young lady in a dim lit, dingy room. There's no fooling Row!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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