Monday, 11 August 2014

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Hey Guys!

There are many advantages to volunteering at a Primary school at the end of the school year. The biggest one is that you get to participate in all the activities for free. For me that included going to the Zoo for the day! I really lucked out there! We went to Marwell Zoo, which I've never been to before and if I'm honest I was a little disappointed since there were NO ELEPHANTS. Like whut? Are you sure you qualify as a Zoo if you don't even host the best animal? Urm... I think not... But it was a pretty special day apart from that. I was responsible adult No.2 in the minibus with the oldest children in the school. I may have happened to have slipped the Frozen soundtrack into my handbag before we set off so guess wheat we had an almighty chorus of as we made our way there... Let It Goooo, Let It Goooo! I am such a big kid. We did pump it pretty loudly and perhaps too loud for adult No.3 but what are you gonna do? Life for singing about building snowmen, and I'm going to sing it!

On a day when you're out and about you don't want to be dragging around a change of clothes. So I decided to go for a sensible out fit and wear trousers. All my skirts and dresses would have been blowing about, even thought it defo wasn't windy they'd have managed it. Or I'd have unintentionally flashed to the whole school and all the other visitors which probs isn't the best idea. these trousers are so stylised that I wasn't sure which top to pair them with. I didn't really want to go plain since I've already worn them with a white top here. I chose the aztec printed top with it's sprinkling of other colours for interest, it's also lightweight and airy which was perfect since it was such a blimmin' hot day. Words cannot express how much I adore my head chain. It's uber cool and unique. Not many people are brave enough to risk a head chain but I bit the bullet and bought this bobby-dazzler for only £2.10 (inc p&p) on eBay! Not gonna lie a few of the kids were pretty bemused by the contraption on my head but I think they warmed to the idea.

Check out my beautiful collage of the day, below. That delightful gorilla photo was taken through a tiny crack in some wood paneling. Showing some serious skills there Row!

To have the head chain running through my sock bun I first tied my hair in 2 bunches on the top of my head. I then placed the head chain on my head and tied the 2 bunches into one piny tail then rolled the sock in as usual. So clever!

I’m not gonna lie, since Ally and Austin is one of the Disney shows my younger sister was into, I just felt like it was a totally new generation of Disney and that I should stick with what I know with my Hannah Montanna tunes and J.O.N.A.S tracks. But Vevo persuaded me to give R5 (Ross Lynch ‘Austin’ ‘s band) a listen, if only to watch the deep do-do they’d gotten themselves into in the video. I was a little confused watching it at first (due to intermittent internet, Grrrr) but it’s actually quite easy to follow. The song may have then made its way onto my playlist and I have possibly been giving that play button it’s fair share of pressings. R5 have given their rockiest release to date with Heart Made Up On You. I just wish Ross’ lead vocals were a little deeper and gruffy, his voice blend into the instruments a little.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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