Monday, 18 August 2014

We Like To Par-tay... in Polka

Hey Guys!

Now that I've finished writing all about my teaching, school-adventures I can fill you in as to how I've been spending my summer. I even went to a party. Woah, crazy Row is out! I've spent time socialising with people my own age. I'm not gonna lie, after spending a month hanging out with 10 year-olds it was actually a nice change. My whole outfit is a new purchase from Kylie at M&Co. I waited especially until it was all in the sale because there's nothing better than doing a sale haul! Look out for the special guest at the bottom of today's post!

The red polka dot assemblage is made up of a cute little collared shirt, which has a couple of buttons down the back, and a pair of shorts with braces appendages. When I first saw these in store I instantly knew they would look amazing together, because of the print, it would look so intense. Then when I tried the pieces on together I just couldn't walk out of the shop without them. When I realised I had this get together coming up it became my one and only valid reason to pick up more clothes. I'm trying to have a massive clear out of my bedroom, but I just keep refilling the space with new clothes. Oopsie! I wasn't sure about the embroidered denim jacket at first. 1) Its a very pale shade, b) Its a big, boxy shape and iii) The length of the jacket and sleeves didn't look quite right on me when I tried it on. But if I'm being totally honest with myself I did really need to obtain a denim jacket that actually fitted my whole torso, and not just squeeze onto half my arms and back. I really like the contrast this outfit has going on as the red polka dot pieces appears really girly with the shapes and fabric, and the jacket iconically a tougher look and the denim holds its shape and silhouette better.

Initially I had waaaay too many rings on since I thought I should attempt to accessories with something. But in the end I liked it better just the way Hearsay like it, pure and simple.

It's Elspeth, Becky, Aimee and James, whe-hey! Watch out guys now you've featured in a Row Bow post, don't let the fame go to your heads!

Both my fave Ella girls have debuted new tunes in the past week, so I thought I'd let you know about both of them. Lucky you! Ella Eyre's second solo single is called Comeback and it is one jazzy tune. I like how the lyrics are how everyone's been hurt in love, then she's like, 'Let that Mother****** burn!' #PreachIt! Ella Henderson has also premiered her new single Glow, due out in September. I think it's in a very similar vein to Ghost- which I ADORED- with a kind of eerie air to it. But less in Ella's voice and more in the tune of the song. There's no denying she is a lyrical whizz, far more poetic than some songs... I can't wait to get my mitts on her album, Chapter One, soon.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Your outfit is so cute and girly! Love that denim jacket!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

    1. Cute and girly is definitely the look I was going for.
      Thanks for commenting!

      Row Bow


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