Friday, 15 August 2014

Schools Out, 60's Style

Hey Guys!

Finally, I made it to the last day of term! I should't say finally real, since it meant the end of my time working at the primary school. I love begin there and helping out they're always so thankful for my time and effort and the kids are solo sweet! They even made me a wonderful card with pictures of the class play I help with, all over it. There were some questionable spelling of my name (which was on even the board for them...awks...) but the messages were adorable. For the next week I began dinner my reading excerpts from Row's Thanks You Card. HeHe!

This is a new dress from Launrdy Boutique, which is an online shop I found on twitter after I saw one blogger had a discount code. I applause their super fast delivery. I did have an issue with the first dress I received but it was all dealt with very promptly and now I have an enviable dress which looks super vintage. Personally, I think it's the vivid orange and lime green combination and the print looks just like some classic 1960's wallpaper! To aide the 60's scenario I had going on, I wore a simple pony tail and full fringe and tried to wing out my eyeliner a little more. I kept a neutral lip and added a little bit of blush so not to depart to heavily from the iconic 60's makeup. 

Snazzy Floral, Glittery Nail Foils. Ohh-Err Missus!

With a title as cool as This Is How We Do, I just wasn’t sure I’d be digging Katy Perry’s latest release as much as I loved Birthday. But having now watched the video, I love it! It doesn’t take much to sway Row, just some pretty visuals and I’m yours. Johnny Wujek is the mastermind behind all of Katy’s looks and he has done a stellar job on the latest video. Who ever came up with the treatment for this vid deserves an applause. The track does have a small inkling towards the ‘mandem g’ side of things but the aesthetic of the accompanying video creates more of a 90’s cool kid vibe instead of modern swag. Katy pulls it off to a T!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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