Saturday, 16 August 2014

Rather Prada

Hey Guys!

A short while ago (back in May, oops) I went to the Pradasphere exhibition in Harrods. I don't think I've ever been to Harrods in my adult life, so that was a nice part of the trip too. This was a free little exhibition detailing the history of the fashion label, PRADA. It was really interesting to see the early collection of objects that were sold and how the designs have progressed to modern day. It would have been super useful it I'd have actually posted this look in May then you could have gone to. Nice one Row Bow! My outfit was fun and girly with pretty pink and purples accompanied with florals and pearls. I added a tan belt and brown chelsea boots to mature the colour pallet slightly.

I will always remember the 1950's american imagery of the PRADA Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The advertising campaign is one of my all time favourites with leggy models posing at the petrol pumps and perching upon the cars.

This was my absolute favourite cabinet of clothes in the collection. Everything was all white and clean and had silver sparkles glistening in the light. It reminded me of 1920, Gatsby-Style party wear. Beautiful!

I know what I'm putting on my christmas list. I've always loved any see-through raincoat and this bad boy even comes sprinkled in jewels. Perfect!

Me and my friend love our Disney, so when we saw the little cafe we were desperate to go in. But after seeing the target customers dining in there we decided we were probs a couple feet too tall and a smudge too old. We loved the decor, regardless, especially the big ben in the centre of the cafe, which reminded us of Peter Pan.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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