Saturday, 30 August 2014

Pretend Tourist

Hey Guys!

When I was looking for a crib to live in for my first year of Uni, I really had no idea who I'd end up living with. After a pretty darn stressy time, I finally nabbed the last place in a lovely 6-bed. I say lovely but that it not really the word to describe it...nice, liveable and a habitat to provide a much needed roof over my head is a slightly better description. We were a beautifully eclectic mix with a few first years, a second year and a Post Grad International-er all studying a range of courses from Fashion (that's me, if you hadn't guessed!) to Midwifery and Sports shenanigans. You can check out my housemate's faces here in my christmas dinner post. The aforementioned PG International-er is from the far away land of New Zealand which obvz means he's desperate to do ALL the touristy stuff in London. As the willing and fantastically amusing housemate that I am, I offered to accompany my buddy on a trip hitting up the best touristy places.

First, we went to Madame Tussauds. I'd been here like 4 years ago, but if was defo worth a visit to see all the new wax works. We even managed to have a cheeky snap with One Direction. See if you can spot Matt amongst the 1D boys!

After grabbing a spot of lunch and picnicking with a spectacular view of the London Eye, we scuttled on over the the London Sea Life Aquarium. These are all iPod piccys since I didn't want to scare the fishes with the bold flash of a camera (especially if they weren't camera ready!). I'll warn you that before you see any fish there is a little photo sesh which I was totally not ready for! Natch, Matt and I were total professionals and gave our best model game.

As we were eating lunch I joked that I really wanted to be in the orange capsule of the London Eye, and if we weren't it would have ruined my whole experience. Although the queue looked enormous, we breezed through it and just as I thought they were about to put the barrier up we snuck onto the orange capsule. If I'm honest I don't think it makes a massive difference compared to the other pods, but at least now I'll always remember which on I went in. HeHe!

And here's what I wore...

Thanks Matt!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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