Saturday, 2 August 2014


Hey Guys!

Looking at these pictures you’d never guess that I totally feel down the stairs in the morning, would you? I raced up the stairs to get some sort of a P.E kit together so I was ready for cross-country in the afternoon. But as I attempted to race back down the stairs my feet fumbled and thought a quicker way would be to slide down the stairs. I would not recommend this since it actually really hurt. I was super conscious that it was going to bruise really badly and swell up like a sausage, but I’m made of tough stuff and it was O.K really. A little bit of swelling and tenderness to walk but big girl Row soldiered through. When I told the class teacher she told me that these were probs the most sensible shoes I’d worn since I’d been at the school, only Row could slide down the stairs in these!

This floor length gypsy skirt is perfectly sensible for working at a primary school since there’s no chance of flashing in it whatsoever. That basically makes me invincible within the school grounds, hehe! I didn’t know what to put the skirt with because I’ve only worn it with a crop top before (see here) and a longer top didn’t sit right and left the waist all crinkly when tucked in. So I worked around this issue but grabbing my longest crop top and just managed to tuck it into the wide elasticated waistband of the skirt. Although I did have to be careful not to expose myself from the waist this time, I think the two pieces work well together as the overall black bodycon shape is quite slimming. The bursts of colour from the action speech bubbles are a fun was to life the pallet.

Attention people: Amelia Lily is back! This time with a bubble-gum-pop with a slight rock sounding track. California shows a shift in Amelia's style as she moves away from the dance sounding element of her previous efforts. The video for this song is super pretty, and reminds me of an American soap drama which totally goes with the new sound.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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