Wednesday, 6 August 2014

For Realz, Like, I'm a Legit Teacher

Hey Guys!

For all you little detectives out there you may have actually read the title of this post. That would be the biggest clue as to what I'm about to write about. HeHe! But like for realz, I was actually a proper teacher for the whoooole day. How cool! I'd made it finally a the real Miss Row Bow! I'm sure you'll all want to know what it feels like to hit the big time and I'll answer that question after I've sifted through all this admiration mail, hehe! I hadn't quite hit the big tim in that way, but just to simply teach a lesson other than drama is something I've wanted a taster of for ages. Then they go and give me a whole year group for the day. I must look like one responsible gal. I even made a lesson plan (which I proceeded to leave at home...) and everything. I decided that I would get the kids to use their brains but also creative sides. We put together a school newspaper with a few summer features and I loved how enthusiastic all the kids were. They all know me as a chilled classroom helper though so along with music pumping in the background it wasn't much like a usual school day. We all know I'd be one of the cool teachers? The one who dresses snazzy and plans the best lessons!

To go with my new found temporary position I decided to look a little more profesh, compared to my previous post(!). I chose this mini-houndstooth print dress. It's a really simple dress with a slight stretch and shoulder pace. Shoulder pad always give authority and mean business, right 80's? I thought a black cardigan was a bit boring so I swapped it for a navy one and went with black dolly shoes. To finish my look I swiped on a bit of my Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in colour 225-Sultry added some pearls and a headband.

Duck Egg Blue, Stay Perfect No 7 Nail Colour.

I succummed to the YouTube phenomena last summer and I still very much enjoy trawling strangers pages and watching videos about how they spend their days in a far more adventurous way than I ever do. Troye Sivan was a fave from the start and now he has a record contract. It's crazy the opportunities they get nowadays! Naturally, I moseyed on over to sound cloud to give his debut twinkling a listen, it would have been rude not too. Happy Little Pill comes with a sound and themes which appear far more mature than we'd have been expecting. However, its important to remember that every other 19-old isn't a squeaky clean angel. Not that all YouTubers come with this image, but as we usually only get a mere glimpse into their life we shouldn't create utopian expectations of their lives. The song is a, lyrically, a lot darker than most current teen-bopper's but it definitely sets up a high standard for Troye to pursue and become a creditable artist. 

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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