Friday, 1 August 2014

Dress Running

Hey Guys!

Today was the day the whole class had been waiting for and the reason I was at the school could finally be validated. When I arrived at the school last year they knew I was an arty so-and-so, so they got me on prop building. Then it came to light that I actually work at a children’s theatre group and so a class play with only 25 kids would be a breeze compare to what I normal work with. That was all very nice because it was a delightful surprise to be handed a drama enthusiast so coincidentally. But this year they knew what I was capable of so the class teacher was waiting upon my triumphant return, hehe! They had only read through the play about 3 times before I arrived. But good old Row Bow turned that around! After the evening performance the volume of parents who told us that it was the best school play they had ever seen was tremendous. I was so super chuffed and the kids did work really hard. The adrenaline feeling you get during the show is so positive, I just love seeing the kids all excited for their bits and helping each other out. I’m always so relieved when work finishes after a production and get excited for a little break. Then I throw myself into more productions. What am I like, eh?

I wanted a dark look today so I looked more stage crew profesh Row than ball gowns and gladrags Row. These trousers were only £4 from H&M and are the most comfortable and suitable work wear ever. The black stripe down the side snazzes them up just a touch so I’m not plain Jane. I hardly ever wear this top, because I consider it to be another smart work piece. But when your work is in the theatre a constrictive smart tops aren’t the best. Luckily during the dress run today I didn’t get caught on stage. However, during the evening performance I was mid stage sorting out the scenery and the curtains opened! The class teacher and I raced off but the choreographer sat watch the play said she could tell it was little Row darting off stage right!

My pretty nails were made possible with the present of BarryM Gelly Nails in Pomegranate being gifted to me for my birthday. My lavley red lips were produced as the result of slapping on KIKO’s Exotic Shine lipstick in a bold red shade (40721, if that means anything to anyone?) which smells of mango and melon. Delish!

Can we just talk about how incredible the small child is in Sia’s Chandelier video? What a little bundle of creative energy she is! I was genuinely engrossed by the talent the little girl dances with and I loved the facial expressions she displays. The song is pretty decent too. I'm off to limber up to practice the lively routine. 5, 6, 7, 8...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. Cute outfit, love the floral top xx



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