Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Watch Me Work it!

Hey Guys!

Sometimes it's hard to get the right balance of style and practicality within an outfit for work. Whilst we're doing play rehearsals, I need to be able to move quickly and run back to the school if they've forgotten something, or pop backstage to tell them all to 'pipe down'. But then I also want to keep up my reputation of being a totally stylish babe! I'll admit, it's a tricky one and on this particular day I just went for looking pretty. The shoes are perhaps a little too big for me (even thought they're only a wee size 3!) but if I'm walking thats fine. However, when ferrying children about the place and then having to run back for a kiddie we left behind (Totally reasonable explanation: She went to get the key so we set off thinking she'd join us at the back. But when we arrived at the hall and couldn't get in we realised she was down the road at the school still- whoopsie daisy!) these shoes are perhaps not the most practical. But hey, the class teacher said she really like my trouser/leggings so I was happy. 


Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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