Tuesday, 15 July 2014

University Uniform?

Hey Guys!

I'd like to start today's post with a quote.

"Is that your University uniform Row?" Year 5 Pupil.

That's what I was asked when I rocked up to work in this smart ensemble. I explained that, unless for a promotional job, I haven't worn a uniform for 4 years- since my school days. I do get where she's coming from though since the green tartan skirt is quite similar to the smart wear of some local private schools. They'd be some pretty funky pupils if they got to wear a snazzy silky bow-tie like mine!

The skirt was a purchase from the New Look sale, when a friend dragged me in there just after I'd written my recent haul post. What is she like, hey? I love this colouring of tartan. I think its far less brashy compared to the red colourings. I am desperate for some trousers in the fabric, since I missed my chance of the perfect Florence & Fred ones in January.

Charli XCX's new tune has been doing the rounds across radio recently and I would like to put it out there, that I am really enjoying it. If you haven't heard Boom Clap (which I think could very easily have been a Hoedown Thowdown cover...!), its super chilled yet still with an element of riot to it. I think thats Charli's oh-so-effortlessly-cool voice. It would be a great listen at a party when sat in a field under a midnight summer sky, when you're at the point of continuous reminiscing of the good times.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. you look so adorable, love the outfit


    1. I do my best. Hehe! Thank you.

      Row Bow


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