Saturday, 26 July 2014

'Ello Tiger

Hey Guys!

I've always called this dress a zebra print dress, but really it's tiger since the lines are in different directions. What do you think? Maybe I should just refer to it as a stripy dress, hehe! This is a Kylie import intended for shorter 13-year olds who don't strut around in heels not 20-year old who do (!), so it is a teenie bit short. But the drop hem gives a little more modesty to my derriere! It came with an electric pink belt originally (see here) but I'm a big supporter of the ol' tan belt so I wrapped a thin brown one around my waist. It's doesn't necessarily need a belt but I always like adding one in for a bit more interest.

Looking lip-smackingly hot in B.Vibrant's lip & cheek colour in the shade Alecia. It's a crayon applicator but is a lot narrower than others I've tried which makes for a more precise application.

I've known Maroon 5 had a new tune out for a short while now but just hadn't gotten round to actually listening to it. What kind of music monster am I?! But now I have heard it and feel it's good enough to let you guys in on the tune to. Maps is the first release from Maroon 5's fifth album, V. It's a very boppy song with a reggae undertone from a faint guitar and the chorus makes full use of the Levine twang. Quite reminiscent of Sting's songs really-defo the beginning.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. super gorgeous!! <3 Love it!

    1. Thanks! I do love a good drop-hem dress.

      Row Bow


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