Monday, 28 July 2014

Bloomin' Beautiful Butterflies

Hey Guys!

Kylie at M&Co is 25! Say Whaaat?

I was recently contacted by a lovely lady Kylie ( the 9-13+ years teen lable at M&Co) who informed me that the chic clothing line was turning 25 this summer. Really? 25? It doesn’t look a day over 13+, Hehe! The people at Kylie are hoping to put together a scrapbook of images and photos of Kylie clothing from the past 25 years. I sent in a few of my more recent look including this one I wore during the second week of my work at the primary school. I teamed the dress with a cropped denim jacket which I’ve had since I was4 years old. Woo-hoo, I’ve been a M&Co fan since the Mackay’s days! For those of you interested the necklace is from Primark, my lips have been coloured in with a pretty pink BarryM Gelly Lip Crayon and my nails are adorned with Models Own Blueberry smelly nail polish.

I must get round to digging up some images from when I was actually between age 9 and 13 since that’s who the clothes are meant for… I’m pretty sure that, as embarrassing as it sounds, my love for Kylie clothes started when I was about 14, I think. That’s when I began my regular hauls in the store. But I’m sure I’ll be able to rustle something up! Here's the tweet Kylie put out with my lovely little look.

Here's proof of the age 4-5 jacket!

In other news, it was a very exciting day at the Primary school today. We all know how much I love literature and that I find there’s nothing I like more that to sit in a grossly comfortable chair and indulge in a really thrill-seeking novel. Right? Urrrm, perhaps this isn’t the most realistic description of myself. The last book I read the whole way through was in Year 4, The Lottie Project by Jacqueline Wilson (not much of it went in though since the only thing I remember is the main character, Lottie I guess, spelt ‘anniversary’ wrong on a cake. Cool story bro…). I didn’t even finish To Kill A Mockingbird for GCSE and chose to answer the exam question on a section I hadn’t even read. I really am one marvel of a woman! Anyway back to the point- the class got invited to a partnership school to attend a talk with Michael Morpurgo! Not that I have any idea about any of his books, apart from Warhorse that name got thrown up a couple of times. But it was pretty cool to see him do his stuck with the kids. Since his name has been kicking around since my own primary school days I had this impression of an old, fragile man who enjoyed writing and being stationary at his special writing desk. Both the class teacher and I were expecting a very serious chap but were expectantly met with a very animated man who was extremely interactive with the children. They adored him reading one of his few shorter stories and he read with great light and shade in his delivery. I even enjoyed myself and I don’t like anything to do with the idea of books or reading!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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